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How C*m

Feb 29, 2024

Remy had the extreme pleasure talking to the hilarious and wonderful Salma Hindy -- a first-generation Egyptian-Canadian comedian, writer, actor and performer who has opened for Ken Jeong, Ramy Youssef, Beth Stelling, and Chelsea Handler. Salma tells us all about growing up in a very strict religious household and the ways in which it effected her sexuality and self-view. She tells us all about ending her relationship with people pleasing and how she pivoted to self-pleasing, with the help of therapy, comedy, and a few sex toys. She regales us with many stories of her first time experiencing all things sexual in her late 20s-early 30s and this episode is all of the things Salma is: funny, interesting, endearing, and just gets better and better as time goes on. 

TW: Eating disorders, body image issues, religious trauma, sexual assault/ sexual violence, blood



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