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How C*m

Apr 29, 2018

Religion shapes a lot of how we how we think of relationships and sex. On this episode we delve into the religion I was born into, JUDAISM!(Le'Chaim!)

Two formidable, accomplished, & brilliant Jewish humans join me:

Apr 22, 2018

Have you ever been uncomfy asking for what you want during sex? Have you ever tried it in another language?! This week we get a lesson on how to bang en Fran├žais (In French) from Paris comedian Lisa Raduszynski! 

Fun, oui? Oui!

CW: Binary/ gendered language 

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Apr 15, 2018

Dan Soder (From Showtimes's Billions/ The Bonfire on Sirius XM) and Mark Normand (Comedy Central Hour Special/ Tuesdays with Stories Podcast) are both hilarious, successful, objectively attractive comedians.

On this episode we discover how similar laughing and cumming are, which they'd prefer to make a girl do, and...

Apr 8, 2018

Polly Rodriguez, the hilarious CEO of Unbound chats with Remy about different sex toys BESIDES the Womanizer and the importance of lube. They get a *tiny* bit side tracked during a debate about interspecies banging (a la "The Shape of Water"), discuss a poop snafu that happened during sex, and talk about Polly's battle...