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How C*m

Jan 28, 2018

The Internet is for PORN! Watching it, talking about it, and for some of us - doing it! This episode features Alia Janine, porn star turned stand up comic.

Remy and guest co-host Alex Pischera interview Alia about her life on porn sets, webcamming, and BDSM as Remy discusses her own journey down the rabbit hole that is...

Jan 12, 2018

Men are from mars, women are from venus-- let's talk about my vagina, her vagina & also his penis! On this hilariously entertaining episode of How Cum we get the man's angle on all things sex. 

Remy & guest co-host Lindsey Metselaar (We Met At Acme podcaster & social media queen) talk about how Remy's first assignment...