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How C*m

Sep 10, 2021

We're talking Greek Life this week! Sororities, Fraternities, rushing, hazing and why people do it-- with one of Remy's best friends and college roommate of 3 years Jordyn Fischer! Jordyn is the VP of programming at the creative video company Jellysmack and though she was not in a sorority in college, was enthralled by "Rush Tok" or "Bama Rush" taking over Tik Tok a few weeks ago. We discuss the viral phenomenon, the PNM's in the videos, as well as how our college experiences differed. We also talk about the financial barriers to joining a sorority or frat, and how joining may or may effect your future. Finally, Remy reveals her story of how she started a sorority senior year (and then was swiftly asked not to come to events anymore) and Jordyn recounts what it was like being her roommate at the time. 

We also talk theme parties and Remy's recent birthday "Night Tea Party." HBD, Rem! 


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