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How C*m

Nov 23, 2020

New York natives EJ Dickson, culture writer for Rolling Stone, and Julia Moshy, Socialite and tastemaker join us this week to talk growing up in New York City in various social circles, high school sex scandals, which celebrities are the most attainable, and the generational differences between Millenials and Gen-Z due to social media.

EJ tells us about a few of her articles including, "No Voting, No Cumming" a small movement started by a dominatrixes in order to encourage their subs to vote blue, and Julia tells us how she's been trolled by Trump supporters for supporting Joe Biden despite her former friendship with Tiffany Trump. 

Finally, we discuss "Deepfakes," the artificial intelligence software switching many underage TikTokers faces onto the faces of pornstars.  

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