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How C*m

Jan 27, 2019

We interview Dr. Helen Fisher! She is a Biological Anthropologist, Senior Research Fellow at The Kinsey Institute, Chief Scientific Advisor to the dating site, and all around amazingly COOL person. We discuss her extensive research on the evolution and future of human sex, love, marriage, & gender differences...

Jan 20, 2019

Charlotte had an accident and has to sit this one out but Remy is in LA interviewing Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix, who famously stated that she hates her vagina on reality TV. We discuss how that hate came to be, whether it is still around and what it is like to be a perfectionist with body issues. 

We also dive into...

Jan 13, 2019

We're back baby!! Season two kicks off with with Remy and Charlotte welcoming the nationally syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage. 

Equal parts brilliant, hilarious and kind, Dan explains how to communicate and give instructions during sex, how self-touch isn’t a negative reflection on your partner, what the...