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How C*m

Oct 21, 2021

We decided to do this episode following Texas legislature enacting their stringent abortion law (SB8) and it is more necessary than ever now, with more than 100 abortion restrictions enacted just this year.

We hear from six incredible C*mpanions from all over the US (and one in Peru) who share unique stories of...

Oct 13, 2021


We are honored to have Anna Lee, co-founder and Vice President of Engineering at Lioness on to talk about the world's first smart vibrator that helps improve your orgasms through biofeedback technology; using it to track, compare, and deliver you your orgasm data!

We discuss the three different types of orgasms; the...

Oct 1, 2021

Last week we talked to comedian Dylan Palladino about balding and his newly shaved head; this week we are getting a medical expert's knowledge on all things hair-loss. 

Our guest is extremely special; none other than New York Board Certified Dermatologist with 42 years of experience, son to Nanny, and dad to Remy and...