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How C*m

Oct 1, 2021

Last week we talked to comedian Dylan Palladino about balding and his newly shaved head; this week we are getting a medical expert's knowledge on all things hair-loss. 

Our guest is extremely special; none other than New York Board Certified Dermatologist with 42 years of experience, son to Nanny, and dad to Remy and Charlotte (and their brothers), Dr. Joel Kassimir.

The iconic 'Dr. K' teaches us about everything you need to know about hair-loss; the different types and causes, various methods on how to fix it including hair transplants, medication, topical creams and wigs, and many other incredible questions from the Cumpanions. 

We also get to learn his journey into dermatology, how he feels about his own hair-loss, and then a story from our Cumpanion Sydney about shaving her head and donating her hair! 

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