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How C*m

Jan 20, 2019

Charlotte had an accident and has to sit this one out but Remy is in LA interviewing Vanderpump Rules' Ariana Madix, who famously stated that she hates her vagina on reality TV. We discuss how that hate came to be, whether it is still around and what it is like to be a perfectionist with body issues. 

We also dive into the rocky waters of emotionally abusive exes and skin cancer. We explore how the show has changed throughout the years; especially in this new political climate. Finally, we discuss weed lube, having a relationship on reality TV, and "first orgasm of 2019" stories. 

I also tell a story that involves me looking at my own butthole. 

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Listen to the parts we couldn't say on the podcast: 

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Ariana discusses the beginning of her and Tom's relationship, "the cheating scandal," the night her dad died and how it brought her and tom together. We discuss cheating more in depth and Ariana reveals a secret about one of Jax’s cheating scandals that any Vander-fan would DIE to hear (but I don't want Bravo to sue me). Ariana reveals an embarrassing Twitter habit and we discuss donating to charity on Facebook & rape in the comedy community.