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How C*m

Apr 28, 2021

We’re talking sensitivity with comedian crooner JR De Guzman (Netflix, Kevin Hart’s Hart of the City). From his heart to his uncircumcised head JR knows sensitivity and joins us for a heartfelt conversation on falling in love deep and fast, the 5 love languages, and the importance of talking about these topics among other men. We get confronted about our relationship with ourselves and our capacity to love others while learning to establish healthy boundaries. How to change the narrative from finding someone to learning how to be, love, and care for yourself as “the one”.

We get existential while we consider our purpose as humans on this earth and how we have gotten so disconnected from nature’s balance (especially in urban contexts). Finally, we discuss uncircumsized dick shaming, and how high school was hell for everyone with “abnormal” genitalia when actually, we all had shitty Sex Education and didn’t really know what “normal” reproductive organs actually look like. 


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