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How C*m

Apr 7, 2021

This week witnessed Khloe Kardashian's unedited photo "scandal" and we talked to two NYC photographers, Dave Krugman and Jenni Walkowiak, about the hyper-visual age we live in and the psycological effects it has on us.

The need for better online personas has made photoshoots an ordeal we must all go through, whether it’s for LinkedIn, your CV or your new Instagram profile picture. Have you ever had a meltdown because you couldn’t communicate with your photographer? Or because you looked like shit and you felt awkward ‘cause you don’t really know how to pose for your body type? Or your nose looked crooked? Well, we have. We talked to our two photographers about taking better pictures from a male and female perspective. They give us useful tips on how to pose, and tricks for a more comfortable photoshoot (spoiler alert: a pet helps with anxiety). Will this help with our body image issues? Join us for this awesome and eye-opening episode. 


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