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How C*m

Apr 12, 2020

 Bit of a trigger warning on this episode with the ridiculously hilarious, flagrant, and unfiltered (yet wildly empathetic) comedian Andrew Schulz. Andrew goes deep into why he thinks women like true crime, his innovative dating strategy for deciding someone is going to be his girlfriend ("The Two Week Rule"), and his views on pegging, the male g-spot, rim jobs, and queefs.

 We get to travel back in time for this one [recorded in October] and Andrew tells us all about his *new* girlfriend >> fast forward

THIS week is their 1-year-anni (!!) Cumgrats.

 Finally we talk growing up in NYC, how to know a guy is cumming without verbal cues and Andrew describes a sex position that he says is '8/10 guaranteed to make a woman squirt.' 


Happy Passover + Easter to everyone celebrating and thank you to our essential workers. Stay safe and enjoy the episode everyone! 


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