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How C*m

Apr 1, 2021

We have a special cumgratuations: Celebrating Betches Media 10 year anniversary with Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Sami Sage! Betches is a female-founded and led entertainment brand that provides a space for all women to get real. Join us to learn about how they started as an anonymous blog between friends and grew into a profitable multi-faceted media source (with 11 brands under their belt) that we love because of their ability to adapt to societal change. 

Sami tells us about Betches’ process of evolving as creators and leaders, the many factors of coming from a place of privilege; and deciding to use that privilege for good. We also discussed the toxic positivity surrounding “Girl Boss Culture” and how a Girl Boss differs from a Business Betch. 


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Thank you to our Cumpanion Sammi (22) for sharing her cumgratulations with us! 

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