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How C*m

Oct 29, 2018

One gigantic celebration for our Season 1 finale episode! Remy and Charlotte are back together and calling How Cum listeners from all around the world to CUMGRATULATE them on their first orgasms, and hear how they happened. We get a sick update from former guest Molly Brenner who just had HER first O too! She had to re-write her one woman show “Molly Brenner is Not Coming,” and now performs “I’m Coming!” Also, Remy has her first INTERNAL orgasm! This episode is LONG so if you want to break the stories up, we’ve included time stamps below.

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00:00:00- Remy & Charlotte Intro & Remy’s 1st Internal O

00:13:23- 20 y/o Listener Liz calls from her dorm room (Different Liz than “Liz” from ep. 33) *CRAZY O STORY*

00:25:31- Charlotte hates every word for vagina

00:33:39- Listener Mel calls from Washington D.C. to talk about her first orgasm (it was in a bathtub)

00:47:41- Listener Tuti Skypes in from Argentina! We talk about how Argentina’s import laws affected her ability to buy a sex toy and how she triumphed with her first orgasm.

01:00:20- Molly Brenner calls us! We love her and discuss how weed and flannel pajamas can actually be very sexy.

1:20:51- 32 y/o Sandy calls from California to discuss how having a tiger mom affected her views of sexuality. And how great life is now that she’s had the big O.

1:27:50- 21 y/o “Katie” from South Carolina calls in and we discuss her first O, and how she’s spreading the word to everyone she knows. TRUE PAL!!!

1:39:21- Sally in NYC is almost 25 and this year is going to be the best ever. We discuss how to be alone yet not lonely. Spoiler Alert: orgasms help.

1:53:49- Remy & Charlotte closing remarks & season 1 wrap up! THANK YOU AGAIN FOR COMING!!!