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How C*m

Jul 8, 2021

A cumazing episode all about late blooming, coming out/dating later in life, and "gay ass movies" that shaped us with Gay Ass Podcast host/ comedian Eric Williams and Betchlor host/comedian Chris Burns, AKA @FatCarrieBradshaw. 

Thank you to our Cumpanion Jaclyn for sharing her cumgratulations as well as her own late blooming story! 

Gay Ass Movies Mentioned: Center Stage, Clueless, Drop Dead Gorgeous, First Wives Club, Grease 1+2, Hocus Pocus, Mean Girls 1+2, My Best Friend's Wedding, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Fair Lady, Parent Trap, Practical Magic, Sister Act 1+2, Stardust, The Fifth Element, The Greatest Showman, Troop Beverly Hills

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