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How C*m

Nov 4, 2022

Big announcement! Remy is taking over the iconic Betches media podcast 'Diet Starts Tomorrow,' with her NEW  co-host (and Cumpanion favorite) Emily Lubin. Cumgrats to them, and don't worry-- Remy will still continue How C*m! In this episode, Remy and Emily talk about what it means to each of them to take over a wellness and body positivity podcast. Emily shares her body journey with us and how she went from an eating disorder to loving her body fully and Remy opens up about how her body image has gotten in the way of How C*m endeavors. 

TW: ED, Negative self talk, SA

Post outro we talk House of Dragon (SPOILERS), and why their portrayal of foot fetishes is so much worse than the incest that happens regularly on the show. 

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