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How C*m

Apr 21, 2021

Undeniably hilarious comedian and producer of FX’s new documentary ‘Hysterical,’ Jessica Kirson joins us on this exciting episode. We discuss her new film, in which she stars in alongside fellow iconic female stand-ups. Hysterical chronicles the endeavor of reaching success in a male-dominated industry (which is relevant for all women, honestly) and the importance of lifting each other up, and recognize that there is space for everyone. 

We learn how Jessica was personally selected by Robert DeNiro to teach him how to perform stand up comedy on the set of The Comedian, and how she subsequently became a producer.

We also discuss Jessica's sexual journey: Cumming early in life, coming out later in life, having sex with men but no orgasms, as well as how she became a mother of four daughters when she never intended on having children at all! 

She shares why she never wanted to have kids as well as why she is so happy that she did. 


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