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How C*m

Apr 14, 2021

This week we are joined by internationally known disability advocate and stand-up comedian Pamela Rae Schuller. Pamela tells us about growing up as a person of short stature with Tourettes and OCD, "The cute kind of Tourettes!" But also the kind that caused a tic strong enough to break her neck.

We discuss the portrayal of disability in the media and how it perpetuates misconceptions that promote stigma. We talk about how children with all kinds of disabilities struggle to fit in and often get thrown into special ed, and the differences between the structural shaming of these kids in public school and the boarding school that helped her fall in love with comedy by fully embracing who she is.  Pamela tells us about her experiences talking in schools and the difference between the way adults and kids respond to her talks.

She spills the tea about her experience with Peloton Bikes and the hate she received after her New York Post article, which was meant to raise awareness around inclusion and accessibility for fitness brands, especially during this pandemic. Finally, we hear about imposter syndrome and discuss finding the balance to nail new opportunities.
Also on this episode: Cumpanion Cumgratulations! Thank you to Becky (40s, Florida) for sharing your stories with us.
TW: Sexual Violence, Offensive Language

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