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How C*m

Apr 8, 2023

Remy and Robyn are joined by Ariana Nathani, founder of Drinks First-- a podcast and series of dating events for New York City singles. First we discuss the genius that is the format of her podcast, in which Ariana essentially goes on a "first date" with elligible NYC daters and listeners call in to date them. We talk about different forms of how to meet people romantically in 2023 from Love is Blind to rings that signify if you are single, the truth about being approached in public, and older forms of finding long-term love such as matchmaking. Ariana also tells us about growing up first generation in an Indian household, how to know when you are finally being respected in a relationship, and why it is imperitive to move out of your parents house when dating. 

You may notice our intro is FULL of Scandoval aka Vanderpump Rules drama surrounding our former guest the newly single, powerhouse, the other Ariana, Ariana Madix. A lot of it was cut for time but you can have access to the FULL unedited episode with VIDEO at


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