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How C*m

Aug 4, 2019

This week’s guest is Ev’Yan Whitney: sexuality doula™, sex educator & facilitator, and the host of the podcast The Sexually Liberated Woman. She has helped thousands of women and femme-identifying people step out of shame, fear, and trauma and into sexual liberation through her online courses, in-person workshops, and one-on-one sessions. In this episode she shares her story of how her personal traumas and struggles of enjoying sex with her husband led her to helping others-- and herself. We talk about her growth, what it means to be a queer person in a heteronormative seeming relationship, what being “ready” for sex really means, and how Ev’Yan and her husband took the steps to enter into an open relationship. We also discuss some of the assignments she gives HER clients, as well as her favorite success stories. We love her.


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