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How C*m

Sep 9, 2018

Celebrating my birthday with a jumbo episode about sex, sobriety, and the joy of handjobs! Seamus Kirst, journalist and author of Shitfaced joins me as I interview him and my friend; comedian Sydnee Washington! We talk about sober dating, going to rehab in highschool, delayed ejaculation and the Real Housewives we’re most worried about. 

Then Seamus and I (both Virgos) are joined by ANOTHER Virgo friend Britni Diamond. We talk mutual masturbation, revealing strange fantasies to people, and maintaining friendships after becoming sober! 

CW: Relapse, gendered language, trans exclusionary language, gay slurs, fatphobia, depression/suicide/ suicidal ideation, SA fantasy, mention of pedophiles, Mel Gibson,  "virginity"

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