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How C*m

Jun 12, 2023

Recently, leading luxury lingerie brand Honey Birdette received backlash after featuring non-binary model, Jake DuPree, on its Instagram. Many who do not even follow the brand quickly flocked to the post, flooding it with phobic language and leading the brand to mute the post after 10,000 comments.

We spoke to the center of the scandal; burlesque performer, dancer, model, trailblazer, and extremely positive human, Jake DuPree.  Jake tells us about dealing with the backlash, growing up feeling "other" in a small town, what makes them feel gender euphoria, and the incredible beginning of their dance/burlesque career. We also discuss sports and gender and would love to hear your thoughts as well (DM us!) 

Finally, we discuss 'corporate pride' on the whole and how to know which brands actually stand with the causes they feign to represent. Unlike many spineless brands we have seen this pride season, in less than 24 hours, Honey Birdette released a statement of solidarity.


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