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How C*m

May 26, 2019

Pardon this late-in-the-day post, we were celebrating Charlotte’s 26th BIRTHDAY but this one is amazing and worth the wait.  Remy sits down with the amazing Buck Angel. This motivational speaker, film maker, human rights activist, adult film star, and the first transgender man to win AVN’s Performer of the Year award in 2007 has completely stolen our hearts.

We discuss so many aspects of the trans male experience and dive into Buck’s past and personal experiences; undergoing top surgery at a time where it was not common,  a messy divorce with a woman who challenged his gender identity, and Buck’s childhood relationship with his dad and how it has grown. We discuss if changes in gender affect changes in sexuality, what “binders” and “pack-and-pees” are and if they are safe to use, the safety of different medical sex-change procedures, how to hook up with a trans man, dealing with periods as a trans man, and so much more.

Buck preaches loving yourself and has created an amazing brand of sex toys and a dating website, all with trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people in mind. We talk pussy power and a crazy story about Buck’s appearance on The Tyra Banks Show. And of course,  Buck shares his first time cumming and squirting stories - it’s a blast.


Trigger warning: mutilation, rape, and abuse are all mentioned during this episode


Click to watch Buck’s films: Sexing the Trans Man, Conversations with Transmen, & Mr. Angel
Click to see Buck’s TMZ appearances


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