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How C*m

Jun 8, 2021

New Tik Tok besties Marissa and Drew (!!) c*m on to talk about their whirlwind Tik Tok friendship [inspired by Drew’s viral video overhearing Marissa’s friend’s talking sh*t on her]—  what Marissa did when she found out, how she finally met Drew, and the new meetup/friendship group that she started in the aftermath; @nomorelonelyfriends.

We discuss making new friends; how to do it, where to do it, and why rejection therapy can be really helpful! Finally we discuss one of our guest’s EXTREMELY Gen Z first time c*mming story and the other’s delightfully recent cumgratulations!

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Recummendations in this episode: Bo Burnham’s Inside (Netflix)

Hacks (HBO Max)

Pushing Daisies (HBO Max)

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