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How C*m

Jun 18, 2018

We are STILL in LA for this episode and I had the PLEASURE of having my long time friend (and person who I stay with in LA) Tim on who HATES this podcast!! WHAT?! I know. 

Conversely we have the biggest fan of the podcast on this episode too! Mark Harley is a comedian & actor from BET's 50 Central who has been a Cummer from day 1 (That's what I'm calling you guys, get used to it.) We talk about how gay frats are, putting stuff up our butts, and peeing on people. 

We also have the wonderful bi-coastal beauty Kelsey Cook on, hilarious comedian featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon who hosts her own amazing pod The Self Helpless Podcast


I love this ep, and you guys, and sorry for posting late!!



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